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Eturnity Most FAQ

Eturnity knows when hiring a band you have many questions.

Here is the answers to most of the frequent questions we get when hiring a band for your wedding or event.

Do you provide your own sound equipment?2023-04-06T14:46:42-05:00

Yes, we provide all of our own sound equipment and lighting (for stage or playing area). We also provide access to our microphones for toasts. If a wireless and or lapel mic is needed for toasts and or officiant for ceremony, we will accommodate that request at no additional charge.

Will you MC the event?2023-04-06T14:44:03-05:00

Yes, we MC the entire event. The more specific information we receive leading up to the big day, the smoother things will transition. We are very well versed in keeping the crowd energetic and entertained during those still crucial gaps and making transitions flow seamlessly.

Will you learn songs not found on the band playlist from the website?2023-04-06T14:42:39-05:00

Yes, we will learn any and all first dance and ceremony songs. We will also learn up to five songs not on the band playlist, all free of charge.

Will you play music during breaks in performing?2023-04-06T14:41:31-05:00

Yes, we do play music through the sound system during all scheduled breaks. You may pick the exact songs you’d like to hear during the breaks in the action to keep your loved ones engaged and dancing!

What is the typical deposit percentage after booking the band to officially reserve our date?2023-11-21T11:42:47-05:00

We typically do a 20% deposit

What forms of payment do you accept?2023-11-21T11:44:10-05:00

Cash, Personal Check, Zelle & all major credit cards.

What is your price range?2023-11-21T11:46:50-05:00

depending on the size of the band, If travel is involved, over time, the length of time performed, and more. We will provide pricing information confidentially.

Does Eturnity Band require and or provide their own stage?2023-04-06T14:46:18-05:00

No, we do not require a stage.  While we don’t require a stage, if bride and groom would like the band on a stage, we are happy provide you with a list of preferred vendors to deliver on the day of the wedding.

Which events can Eturnity Band play?2023-04-06T14:46:12-05:00

Eturnity Band can play any event involved in your wedding; engagement party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, reception.  We also specialize in private parties, corporate events, fraternity/sorority parties, just give us a space to rock!

Can we pick out the specific songs we’d like the band to perform?2023-04-06T14:46:06-05:00

We encourage the bride and groom to pick up to 10 songs total in most circumstances (in a 25-35 song dance party).  We do this because through our extensive experience, we typically know the songs that will keep your loved ones dancing, having a great time.  It also helps to have the bride and groom or their loved ones select which genres to stick to, i.e. Motown, Funk, 80s, Classic Rock, Top 40, Country, etc.  We also welcome “do not play” lists!

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